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Why register?

Most of our products are public access but for technical reasons we only allow data retrieval by registered users. Registering takes just a few seconds and is for free.

How to register?

Chose a username you would like to use, consisting of at least two characters (not just digits) and enter your email address. Your email address is vital for communicating e.g. the status of your requests to you and in case of first time registration or if you have forgotten your password a new one will be sent to you. This password is automatically generated and it is strongly recommended to be changed after login under MyAccount.

I am in, what now?

However before you are able to make your first product request it is required to complete your personal details. If it is done you can start retrieving data under MyRetrieval or by using the Product Browser. The retrieval modules will remain inactive until you have submitted these details. The Product Browser allows you to browse through our entire product catalogue. The number of products in the catalogue varies greatly and it can take a moment for this module to display its records, so please be a little patient here. Once you have narrowed down your search for products simply select them, transfer them to the product cart and request them.

The Product Request List (PRL) is not longer available.

So I have ordered products, where are they?

You can follow the status of your requests in MyRequests. If you see the notification "finished" in the status column you will know that your request has been processed. You will also receive an email with "Request finished" as subject, informing you that the requested products were transferred to your "data" subdirectory of your ftp account. To download the data please connect with a ftp-client to with the same username and password as on the web-interface. You can also get an overview of your requested products in MyDirectory but if you have many products in your "data" subdirectory it can take several seconds to display the records or you will even get an empty list caused by a timeout.

How much can I order?

Usually users have a 24 hour limit by default of 1000 MB and/or 1000 files visible in MyAccount settings. You can request to increase your limit by using the link beside the limit amount concerning your personal information on MyAccount. Please notice that the data with request date more than thirty days ago will be removed from the users data subdirectories for technical reasons.

I could not find what I was looking for

There are many reasons why data may not be available, which usually requires our investigation, so don't hesitate to contact us with your query.

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