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ICGEM Project

The ICGEM at the GFZ Potsdam is one of six centres of the International Gravity Field Service (IGFS) of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG). The ISDC is starting a cooperation with the ICGEM in order to improve the quality of data and services by collecting and associating specific metadata to the gravity field models. Another objective of the cooperation is the integration of this gravity field products into the ISDC catalog system and archives. Both web sites, the ICGEM offering excellent gravity model viualisation services as well the planed ICGEM ISDC will exist in parallel.
ICGEM Project Homepage  ICGEM Project Homepage
In the current ICGEM ISDC project phase all available and appropriate metadata to the gravity model data are collected and checked. Within the second phase standardised gravity model data metadata documents in the DIF format will be prepared. After a carful metadata review process, the "new" gravity model products (now consisting of data and metadata) will be transfered to the ICGEM ISDC. In the last phase the ISDC catalog will be updated and the new products will be stored in the ISCD archives. From this moment the users can search and access the data using the ICGEM ISDC catalog retrieval and data delivery services.
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