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ISDC - Information System and Data Center FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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Why can't I see any Product-Types or Product-Types I expect in the MyRetrieval Treeview?

In the MyRetrieval Treeview you see only Products you are allowed to request. So if you want more Products to request and work with, you should contact the ISDC-Team with the help of the Contact-Module in "MyAccount".

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What does the "?"-Symbol mean?

If you click on the yellow "?"-Sign, you will get context-sensitive help for the area your are actually visiting.

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What does MyFavorites mean?

You have the possibility to declare up to 10 'special' product-types, you are currently interessted in. These product-types are displayed in a block in the upper right corner of the website. You could click the items to go directly to the Data-Retrieval-Site of the chosen product-type. So you can faster gather the data you are really interested in.

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What does Request-Limits mean?

With the help of the Information System an Data Center (ISDC) you have the possibility to request data from satellite missions you are interested in. For security reasons you have a request limit. Limit means, that your count and volume of files you could request within 24 hours is limited.

There is a block at the right side of the website where you can see the currently count/volume of your requests and how much is available for you. If you dont see any graph under "Request Limits (24h)" you have your full quota left.

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What is this nice Input Graph?

Here you can see the development of files coming new to the ISDC each day. It goes back up to 60 days in the past.

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What does Generate PRL mean?

Activating this option will result in the generation of a Product Request List (PRL) which can be used for ISDC batch mode request processing.

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Where I can find my user directory and the requested products when the transfer is complete?

Your data will be stored in the subdirectory 'data' of your user directory on our FTP server You can log into this server using your password provided to you during the First Time Registration. If you have problems entering the directory using a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape), then try to use a FTP client.

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What is Keyword Filtering usefull for?

You can easily search for a scientific topic, that you are interested in, by simply typing keywords into the fields at the top of the retrieval-overview pages. But that is not all. You can also suggest new keywords. These suggestion have to be acknowledged by the ISDC-team due to quality assurance issues.

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Product Statistics
In ISDC archive are stored:
  • 21.04 TB of data
  • 34.11 Mio products
(update: 2018-06-20 04:30:01)