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GRACE Monthly Report from December 2012 is available
The GRACE Science Data System Monthly Report from December 2012 is available now.
For Details see:
SDS Monthly Report December 2012.

Note: Highlights this month:

* CSR, JPL and GFZ have generated and delivered RL05 Level-2 products for November 2012.
* Still missing Level-2 RL05 products for 2002 of the three centers (see tables below) will be provided soon. Please refer to the upcoming newsletters.
* Additionally to the standard monthly solutions, GFZ now also provides weekly RL05 solutions (aligned to GPS weeks) which contain spherical harmonic coefficients complete up to degree and order 30. Currently, available weekly solutions cover the time span from 2003/01/05 till 2012/09/22. The weekly Level-2 products (GSM + GAx files) can be downloaded at GFZ's ISDC archive. When making your request at the ISDC retrieval pages, please choose “GFZ Potsdam weekly” as “Processing Facility” to obtain these products.
* The GRACE Science Team Meeting 2013 will take place 23-25 October 2013 at UTCSR. Further information will follow at

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