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GRACE Monthly Report from October 2015 is available
The GRACE Science Data System Monthly Report from October 2015 is available now.
For Details see:
SDS Monthly Report October 2015.

Note: Highlights this month:

* No RL05 Level-2 products could be generated and delivered for October 2015 due to planned switch-offs of the GRACE-A and GRACE-B Microwave Assemblies (MWA) and Instrument Control Units (ICU) in order to reduce the load on the batteries (see also section Level-1 Data Processing).
* GFZ has generated a new Level-2 correction product 'GAG' which accounts for changes in ECMWF data in May 2015. As already done for GAE and GAF, the GAG product is provided as a GRACE Technical Note (TN-10_GAG-2_2015132-2099001_0000_EIGEN_G---_0005). As a consequence of having a GAG product now, the filename of the GAF product (defined by the period where GAF should be applied) also needed to be changed (now TN-09_GAF-2_2010032-2015131_0000_EIGEN_G---_0005). Additionally, the AOD1B Product Description Document has been updated to include the GAG product (Version 4.4). All files are available in the GRACE archives at JPL and PO.DAAC.

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