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Download profile: SDS Newsletter for April 2016

Highlights this month:

* No RL05 Level-2 products could be generated and delivered for April 2016 due to planned switch-offs of the GRACE-A and GRACE-B Microwave Assemblies (MWA) and Instrument Control Units (ICU) in order to reduce the load on the batteries (see also section Level-1 Data Processing).
* Due to a processing bug, the originally published GFZ Level-2 GSM product for February 2016 (labelled ‘GSM-2_2016029-2016060_0032_EIGEN_G---_005a‘) turned out to be erroneous. A correct product has been generated which has replaced the previous wrong one in the GRACE archives ISDC and PO.DAAC. Please make sure that you use the correct version of the GSM product for February 2016. This can be checked by looking at the product generation date (to be found in the record ‘FIRST’ of the Level-2 product file) which should be ‘20160615’. Note that only the GSM files (*.gz and *.txt) are affected; the corresponding GAx products remain unchanged.
* A Version 2.0 of the JPL Mascon solution, processed through March 2016, is now available at the GRACE Tellus website at
* The GRACE Science Team Meeting 2016 will take place between October 5 and 7, 2016 at GFZ in Potsdam. A web site has been established at already including the coarse session program. Registration and abstract submission is possible starting on July 11. Please note the deadlines for special rates for accommodation (August 15) and abstract submission (September 11).

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