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  GPS-PDR Version A Product Description, Feb. 2007 Release 
Description: The products described in this document are based on the homogeneous and complete reprocessing of a global GPS network. This project is a joint effort (funded by the German Research Foundation DFG) of Forschungseinrichtung Satellitengeodäsie (FESG) of University of Technology Munich (TUM) and Institut f¨r Planetare Geodäsie (IPG) of University of Technology Dresden (TUD) in cooperation with GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam. An earlier version of the reprocessing is described in Steigenberger et al. (2006). This paper should also be cited when using any of the products described in this document.
Filesize: 79.79 KB
Added on: 21-Feb-2007
Author: Peter Steigenberger
Downloads: 3515
Category: GPS-PDR / Product Descriptions

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