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  GF-OG-2-ATML File Description 
Description: GENERAL

GFZ computes site displacements due to atmospheric pressure loading based on the
theory of Farrel (1972) given the Love numbers (Gegout, 1997), the site
coordinates and the atmospheric pressure variations expanded in spherical
harmonics using software which was originally developed at the GRGS in 1997 to
1998. The atmospheric pressure fields with a 0.5 degree spatial and 6 hours
temporal resolution are coming from the ECMWF. Their variations are developed in
spherical harmonics at 6 hours interval after having subtracted the mean over
the years 2001 and 2002. The product is thus compatible with the AOD1B
(Atmosphere and Ocean De-aliasing Level-1B) GRACE product (Flechtner, 2007).

The station displacements due to atmospheric loading are compiled in yearly
files. They include in addition January of the following year for practical
reasons when processing arcs that span over the turn of the year.

The files contain the displacements for the ITRF2008 (Altamimi et al., 2011)
stations. These stations are identified via their DOMES numbers. On user request
the files contain in addition some selected PRARE and Doppler sites without DOMES
numbers identified via station number and receiver type for the Doppler sites and
station number and keyword PRAR for the PRARE sites.

The displacements are given for each station at equidistant time increments for
the radial, west-east and north-south direction.
Filesize: 4.38 KB
Added on: 22-Aug-2013
Author: Jean-Claude Raimondo, Rolf Koenig
Downloads: 655
Category: GF / Product Description

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